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Dr. Lowell J. Sherris graduated from New York University School of Medicine ... earned a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science ... has been taking advanced courses from the Institute of Functional Medicine ... participated in the Integrative and Complementary Academic Medicine Program (iCamp) at the University of Miami School  of Medicine ...

Dr. Sherris promotes health by concentrating on the fundamental factors that cause health and disease. Biologic imbalances are assessed through  history taking, physical examination, and laboratory studies.

An important part of the Dr. Sherris'  job is education and motivation. This allows the patient to be in charge of improving health and well being.

Dr. Sherris maps the patient's personal story to a Timeline in order to identify predisposing factors, triggers, and  mediators (events that turn health to disease.) He then places the data into the Functional Medicine Matrix' seven functional systems: Assimilation, Defense &  Repair, Energy, Biotransformation & Elimination, Transport, Communication, and Structural Integrity.

Use our Contact Us form to begin the process of scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Sherris. You will receive a large detailed questionnaire which includes a detailed 7 day diet history. Please fill the questionnaire out as completely as possible. The detailed history will help Dr. Sherris determine the root causes of your medical problems...

Lowell J. Sherris, M.D.

Functional Medicine

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