How Do I Become a Patient

Use our Contact Us form to begin the process of scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Sherris. You will receive a large detailed questionnaire packet. Please fill the questionnaire out as completely as possible. The detailed history will help Dr. Sherris determine the root causes of your medical problems. The questionnaire includes a 7-day diet history form. Please write down everything you eat and drink for 7 days. In addition, please write down how you feel, sleep, and any other pertinent medical, social, or emotional information.

Please get copies of medical records from other doctors you have seen as well as copies of all lab tests. Please email or Fax the forms and records to our office at least several days before your appointment. Expect the first visit to last 90 minutes. This will include a nutritionally focused physical examination. You will have plenty of uninterrupted  time to explain and discuss your medical problems with Dr. Sherris.  Follow up visits generally last 30 to 60 minutes.


Lowell J. Sherris, M.D.

Functional Medicine

7886 W. Sample Rd

Coral Springs, FL 33065


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